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Russell Beck recently joined 19 other trial lawyers across the United States in sending a letter to a bipartisan group of leaders in Congress commending them on their efforts to protect trade secrets by introducing and sponsoring the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2015.

The letter states, in part, that the federal legislation “will help strengthen the law and the remedies available and protect trade secrets and the innovation they promote in several significant respects.”

The letter concludes as follows:

The United States continues to lead the world in innovation. Trade secrets are a key part of the innovation process, which suffers when trade secret owners cannot adequately obtain effective remedies to redress the theft of their trade secrets. Current state-law-based remedies cannot address unique issues that commonly arise in current trade secret litigation. Based on our litigation experience, your legislation is necessary to strengthen and protect trade secrets and, concurrently, the U.S. economy.

The complete letter can be viewed and downloaded below:

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