A recent issue of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly features a quote from Steve Riden in an article titled “Non-derivative nature of claim dooms motion to shift burden in business spat.”

The article covers a decision by a Massachusetts Superior Court judge concerning a close corporation dispute. The decision was entered in the case titled Wettemann v. Nucleus Research, Inc., et al.

The decision addresses a party’s burden of proof in connection with a complex matter involving a dispute between owners of a close corporation. The lawsuit spans “150 or so docket entries,” and featured allegations of self-dealing, including a claim that an owner spent corporate funds on personal expenses. After the court’s determination that the lawsuit should have asserted derivative, as opposed to direct, claims, the parties reportedly settled the matter prior to trial.

In the article, Steve Riden is quoted as follows:

Boston business litigator Stephen D. Riden agreed that it is the type of case that would behoove attorneys to try to settle.

“What [Wettemann] does illustrate is the challenging fact of litigating a close corporation dispute between two co-owners of that corporation,” he said.

The article is by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly’s reporter, Kris Olson.

Steve is a seasoned litigator with substantial experience successfully litigating complex commercial matters in state and federal court. Steve has substantial experience representing owners involved in intra-corporate disputes, including shareholder litigation and close-corporation control matters.

His exceptional track record in navigating the intricacies of court procedures, coupled with his deep understanding of commercial law, has earned him a reputation for delivering favorable outcomes for his clients. With an acute attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to upholding the rights and interests of his clients, Steve consistently demonstrates his ability to effectively advocate for their positions.

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