Beck Reed Riden LLP is pleased to make available its Ten Minute Trade Secret TrainingTM series of videos to help companies and employees understand how to protect trade secrets, customer goodwill, and other legitimate business interests throughout the employment lifecycle.

The videos cover each part of the employment lifecycle, from the time an employee starts a job, to while the employee works for a company, to the time the employee is planning to leave a job.

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Avoiding Mistakes When Starting a New Job

This training is designed for companies and employees, and discusses the steps an employee should take when starting a job to ensure they comply with their post-employment obligations. This is not just the employee’s responsibility; it is generally the new employer’s too.

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Protecting Trade Secrets While Working Remotely

This training is designed for companies and employees to learn how to identify and protect against the common risks to trade secrets in a remote (or hybrid remote) work environment.

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The Exit Plan: Being a Good Leaver

This training is for employees before they decide to leave a job, and is perhaps the most critical, as it is the first chance for employees to understand how to prevent liability before the risk arises.

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For up-to-the-minute analysis of legal issues concerning noncompete agreements in Massachusetts and across the United States, read Russell Beck’s blog, Fair Competition Law. Beck Reed Riden LLP is also pleased to share its FAQ on the Massachusetts noncompete law.

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Please note that the Ten Minute Training SeriesTM videos are not legal advice, nor are they a substitute for proper legal research and advice. They are provided for informational purposes only.