Beck Reed Riden LLP is pleased to make available its updated 50 state (plus DC) survey chart of noncompete laws. The chart is a summary of employee noncompetition laws and applicable standards throughout the country.

Both the White House and the United States Department of the Treasury have relied upon this nationwide study of noncompete laws.

In addition, articles in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many others feature Beck Reed Riden LLP’s expertise in noncompete and trade secret issues.

The chart covers the following:

  • Whether noncompete agreements are permitted in the state

  • Governing statutory authority, if any

  • Identification of the protectable interests (also known as legitimate interests or legitimate business interests)

  • Applicable standards for enforcement

  • Industries or professions exempt from noncompete agreements

  • Whether the state follows the reformation rule (also known as “judicial modification,” the “rule of reasonableness,” the “reasonable alteration approach,” and the “partial-enforcement” rule), the blue pencil doctrine, or the red pencil doctrine (also known as the “all or nothing” rule)

  • Whether noncompete agreements are enforceable against at-will employees whose employment was terminated without cause

The chart is available for download here.


Created in 2010, Beck Reed Riden LLP’s 50-State Noncompete Survey was the first of its kind, and is regularly updated. This version was updated as of June 20, 2024.

Check back for periodic updates or email us at, and we will automatically send the latest updates as they become available.

For up-to-the-minute analysis of legal issues concerning noncompete agreements in Massachusetts and across the United States, read Russell Beck’s blog, Fair Competition Law. Beck Reed Riden LLP is also pleased to share its FAQ on the Massachusetts noncompete law.

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Please note that the chart is not legal advice, nor is it a substitute for proper legal research and advice. It is provided for informational purposes only.