BBJThe Boston Business Journal recently featured Russell Beck and Stephen Riden in an article about a recently-filed lawsuit concerning trade secrets. The story is titled “Gillette lawsuit seeks to draw line in the sand about poaching former employees.” The article, which appeared on January 21, 2015, is written by Boston Business Journal reporter Mary Moore.

The story focuses on a lawsuit filed by Gillette against four former employees alleging that Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 1.29.13 PMthey shared confidential information about its razors with a competitor. Gillette is represented by Christopher M. Morrison and Kristen D. Casavant of Jones Day.

The article describes Gillette’s action as follows:

A lawsuit filed by The Gillette Co. last week against four former employees over trade secrets they allegedly shared with a competitor is as much about drawing a line in the sand as it is about the patent and patent applications in question, according to two trade secrets lawyers in Boston.

In the article, Steve Riden describes what can motivate a company like Gillette to file a lawsuit against its former employees:

Gillette maintains its competitive position by being on the cutting edge, said Stephen Riden, a partner with Beck Reed Riden LLP in Boston.

“If they see inventors and staff going in a group…to a competitor, they have reached their breaking point and may be putting a stop to the loss,” Riden said.

Russell Beck discusses non-compete agreements in the context of Gillette’s lawsuit:

Gillette’s decision to sue is “what you see when a non-compete (agreement) has expired or there isn’t one,” said Russell Beck, a partner with Beck Reed Riden. Even in the absence of a non-compete, Beck said, employees are not allowed to disclose information that ultimately belongs to a company.

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